PCS Adventures Overseas: Italy

PCS Adventures Overseas has been created to help other service members and their families PCS overseas, more specifically Italy. Note: this is an unofficial, non-profit blog and information is subject to change. **Please feel free to leave a comment with any corrections or new updates you would like to share!



Getting There





To Do List: Before You PCS to Italy

Helpful Pages

Levy Brief

  • Attend a levy brief as soon as you have selected or been assigned your next duty station. Orders are not necessary to attend the levy brief.
  • You will receive information on medical clearance and out processing.
  • You may also receive documents for EFMP screening and visa/passport application.
  • Representatives will be present from each department to answer questions concerning travel, moving, finance, etc.
  • Usually only the soldiers go to this brief, but it is highly suggested that spouses go to the levy brief as well.

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