Temporary Lodging

Ederle Inn

  • FIRST you MUST contact the hotel (Ederle Inn) on base to check for room availability.
  • Regular rooms are often booked up 6 weeks in advance, even earlier during peak PCS season.
  • Pet rooms are often booked up 3 months in advance
  • If the inn is booked up, your name will be put on a wait list. At that point you can reserve a hotel off base. The inn can send you a list of nearby hotels, their rates, and contact information.
    • Keep contacting the inn all the way up to the day of your arrival to check for any vacancies.
    • If there are still no vacancies at the inn when you arrive, you will need to get a certificate of non-availability from the inn to get reimbursed for TLA.
      • Note: the certificate of non-availability is obtained when you arrive on base (don’t worry about getting it on your first day, they will back date it to your first day of arrival) and then you will need to obtain another one after every 10 days you stay in temporary lodging off base.
  • Free Breakfast: muffins, cereal, breakfast bars, oatmeal
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Washers and dryers on site

Off Base Hotels

  • You must be denied lodging by the Ederle Inn before booking a hotel off base.
  • If booking a hotel off base you will need to give them your government travel card or credit card  information. You will want to reserve your hotel room for at least 30 days.
  • Keep in mind when choosing a hotel, that the soldier will need to be present for in-processing briefings every morning for 2 weeks. Plus, lower enlisted will have mandatory PT early in the morning in addition to their in-processing brief. Staying as close as possible to base is ideal.
  • Remember to obtain a certificate of non-availability from the inn to get reimbursed for TLA.

Hotel Mary

  • Hotel Mary is the next closest hotel located right outside of Chapel Gate. Since most people arrive without a vehicle, it is a very convenient choice.
  • Distance: 5 minute walk
  • Free breakfast: yogurt, fruit, pastries, bacon, eggs, and hot dogs.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 50 euro cleaning fee for pets (one time fee)
  • Near a public bus stop
  • No laundry services on site

Staying at the following hotels would most likely require renting a vehicle, renting a bike from Outdoor Recreation,  or walking 1.5-2 miles or more. Keep in mind there will be PT formations every morning of in-processing.

Hotel Aries

  • Hotel Aries is the next closest hotel located right next to the entrance for Villagio (government housing).
  • Distance: 5 min. drive (there is a walking route through Villlagio to base, but it is still 1.5 miles)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Pets stay free
  • Restaurant in hotel

Hotel Victoria

  • Located a little further down from Hotel Aries and across a busy road next to the Palladio Mall.
  • Distance: 5 minute drive (walking is possible, but it would be 1.5 – 2 miles)
  • Free Breakfast 7am-10am: cakes, pastries, bread, cheeses, meats, fruit, yogurt and granola, cereal, coffee machines
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Pet Fee: 10 euro/day
  • Pizzeria Restaurant attached to the hotel.
  • Next to Palladio mall with groceries, food court, and shopping
  • Apartments include: bedroom, living room area, kitchenette (mini-refrigerator, stove top, dishes, silverware, pots).
  • No laundry services
  • Outdoor pool and hot tub (closes in September)
  • Near a public bus stop

Hotel Viest

  • 8 min. drive
    • Would absolutely need to rent a vehicle. Military shuttle bus stop located across the street at the Vehicle Processing Center, but it does not begin running until mid-morning.
  • Breakfast: Free
  • Pets: stay free


  • 15 min drive
  • Breakfast: Free
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Pets: stay free

Hotel Piramidi

  • 20 min. drive
  • Breakfast: free
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Pets stay free

Our Flight to Italy

We flew with Delta from St. Louis to Detroit to Amsterdam and then KLM took us from Amsterdam to Venice. Our flight was at 4:30 in the afternoon, so we gave our dogs a smaller than usual amount of food at 8:00 am and cut off their water supply at noon.

Checking In

We flew with Delta and KLM (a Dutch partner airline). We arrived at the airport 2 hours ahead of our flight, but I would recommend getting there 3 hours ahead of time, especially if you have pets. The process for getting pets checked in to fly beneath the plane can be a lengthy process. Pets must be inside their crates/carriers before entering the airport. We found a free luggage dolly for our large dog crate before walking into the airport.  Once inside we were directed to Delta’s “special services” line for checking in with a pet. They will ask to see your passports, print your boarding passes, and weigh your luggage.

Checking in with Pets

We handed over our pet health certificate documents, the representative filled out some paperwork, and we filled in the rest of the information for the sticker that goes on the pet crate. We paid the $200 fee for each pet (one flying in cabin and one in luggage). Then the Delta representative called a TSA representative to come check/swab our dog crate for security measures. TSA directed us over to a screening station and we had to take the dog out of the crate while they inspected the crate. Afterwards we went back to the special services counter and Delta took our dog from there. We were given our luggage claim tickets, which included one for our dog crate flying beneath the plane. We were able to check the status/location of our luggage and our dog using the Delta app on our phone by simply entering the claim number, which gave us some peace of mind after each flight.


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PCS to Italy with Pets

PCSing with pets can easily be the most stressful part of moving, especially when traveling overseas. Although the military “allows” you to bring two pets with you, it is you who will be responsible for paying those expenses. Do your own research ahead of time and ALWAYS have a back up plan in case plan A doesn’t pan out.

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Relocation Allowances: PCS Overseas

Helpful Pages

Relocation Allowances

***Keep all of your receipts!***

Per Diem Rates (Lodging & Meals)

  • Per Diem rates provide reimbursement for meals and lodging during travel to a new duty station.
  • The number of travel days is based on a standard 350 miles per day. To determine the number of days per diem, take the Official Government Mileage between duty stations and divide by 350.
  • Calculate Per Diem Rates
  • Per Diem is also given for meals is also given for driving your vehicle to the vehicle processing center. You will need to show the order form/receipt from the VPC showing the date you dropped off the vehicle.

Temporary Lodging Allowance

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