To Do List: After You PCS to Italy

Central Processing Facility

  • When military personnel should report to the Central Processing Facility (CPF) if arriving during normal duty hours Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If arrival is outside of normal duty hours, report to the CPF at 9:00 am the first duty day after arrival.
  • Bring your military and travel documents that you have hand carried with you to the CPF.
  • You will go through 2 weeks of in-processing. A schedule will be given to you on the first day of in-processing.
  • You will be briefed by housing, finance, medical, dental, wellness center, health clinic, banks, and the military police.

CPF Steps

  1. First go to the in-processing office within the CPF. You will need two copies of your orders and your DA 31 (leave form). You will be checked in from leave and receive a packet of instructions for formation times and the date/time of your in-processing brief.
  2. Then go to IACS to get your military and dependent ID’s activated for the gate. They need to see a copy of your orders. You will be fingerprinted and asked for your APO address if you have one. If you don’t have one, you can go back later on and give it to them. If your ID card is about to expire you may want to go ahead and get a new ID card at the CPF “before” going to the IACS office. Your sponsor will want the most up to date ID card that they can get, because the expiration date of a dependent’s Soggiorono (replacement for the Italian visa) is based off of the date the sponsor’s ID card expires.
  3. In-processing classes/briefs begin Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You would have to complete steps 1 and 2 at least one day before in order to attend briefings that start on the next MWF. For example, if you start in-processing on Friday, you won’t be able to attend the next briefing until Monday.


  • A soggiorno is for dependents and replaces the visa in the no fee passport. It is proof that you are allowed to live in Italy once your visa expires.
  • Dependents must apply for a Soggiorno within 30 days of signing a rental contract in Italy, however the soggiorno office on base requests that you come in to create a pending file with them within 8 days of arrival in Italy. You will not be able to actually apply for a soggiorno until you have a physical address in Italy.
  • Once you begin the soggiorno process, you will receive a receipt to show proof that you are applying for a soggiorno. Make sure you hold onto this receipt! You will need to show this when traveling outside of Italy (without a soggiorno). Otherwise border patrols might accuse you of staying in the country illegally and not allow re-entry.
    • The receipt has an expiration date showing how long it is valid for. If the receipt is set to expire soon and you have not received your soggiorno, then you can go back into the soggiorno office and ask for a new receipt with an updated expiration date.
  • After you apply for a soggiorno you should receive a call within a couple months to complete your fingerprinting. The whole process can take about 6 months or more to receive your soggiorno.
  • Soggiornos are NO longer made to expire the day your sponsor’s military ID card expires. Instead they will expire at the end of their 2 or 3 year tour, based on their report date.
  • Required Documents:
    • Completed Soggiorno Application Worksheet (one form per dependent)
    • Sponsor and dependent ID cards. A clear copy of the sponsor’s ID (front and back) on the same page is acceptable).
    • No Fee Passport with Visa in it
    • Orders (Authorization to be in Italy) with dependents names listed
    • 4 passport size photos, which can be taken at the Military Photo Lab
    • Proof of legal residence
      • Private renters = registered rental contract obtained from housing once the landlord registers it with the Italian authorities. Note: the landlord has 30 days to register the rental contract. The registered rental contract must have the official stamp from the registry office.
      • Government Housing = government quarters or government leased quarters will need to provide the original memorandum from the housing office.
  • Newborns: A newborn cannot be simply added to a parent’s soggiorno. A completely new soggiorno must be issued in addition to all the documentation submitted previously. You must provide 4 passport photos of the baby, a Birth Certificate in Italian language, and an official or no fee passport.


  • All personnel will report to the housing office upon arrival to schedule an in-processing briefing, establish eligibility for Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) if authorized and to be placed on an appropriate waiting list.
  • After the housing briefing you will be able to identify some properties for viewing
  • TLA must be approved by the housing office every 10 days as verification that personnel are aggressively seeking family housing to maintain eligibility for TLA.
  • For those staying off post (not at the Ederle Inn) you will need to get a certificate of non-availability from the Inn.

Post Office

  • Set up an APO box with the post office if you haven’t already done so.
  • If you set up an APO box prior to arrival, you will tell them you already have a box set up and need the combination for the lock (there are no keys).

Public Transportation

  • The main post is very walking friendly as it is only about two square miles.
  • You can rent a bicycle from Outdoor Recreation ($8/day, $32/wk) or purchase one from the Post Exchange, Thrift Store, or a store off base. Cyclists must wear a bicycle helmet and have the proper equipment on their bike.
  • The post offers shuttle bus service between the housing area and main post and other locations. Ask about shuttle service at the Ederle Inn or the Central Processing Facility upon arrival.
  • The city bus lines run frequently and there are trains and longer distance buses between cities for sight-seeing.
  • It is possible to rent a vehicle after you have your SETAF license.

SETAF Driver’s License

  • You must obtain a SETAF license in order to drive in Italy and pick up your vehicle from the vehicle processing center
    • You must attend a driver’s orientation class before taking the test
  • If you plan to drive outside of Italy you should consider obtaining an international driver’s permit if you have not already done so.

Vehicle Registration and Inspection

  • After you get a SETAF license and vehicle insurance, you will be able to pick up your vehicle, register your vehicle, have a vehicle inspection and purchase fuel coupons.
    • Once your car arrives go to the registration office to get your new license plate number
    • Call your car insurance company and give them your new license plate number.
    • Your insurance company will overnight the insurance card for sticking to the windshield
    • Purchase brackets for mounting your European license plates to the car from the Auto Skills Center
    • Pick up the insurance card and return to the registration office to complete the registration process.
  • Your vehicle will need to pass a safety inspection and be registered before driving it on post.
  • Request an insurance green card from your insurance company if you plan to drive outside of Italy.


  • Everyone can participate in the Newcomers’ Briefings
  • Check with Army Community Services to ask about orientation to Italy programs


  • Update your DEERS information (address and phone number) in DEERS as soon as you arrive.


  • If a dependent is moving overseas, they must be command-sponsored to enroll in TRICARE Prime Overseas or TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas. If not command-sponsored, they can use TRICARE Standard Overseas. Remember that you must enrolled in Tricare Prime Overseas, it does not transfer over by itself.
  • If you do not set up enrollment before you leave, you can also enroll in Tricare Prime Overseas during in-processing once you arrive. This seems to be what most dependents do in addition to updating their DEERS information. You will need one copy of your orders. It takes 24 hours for enrollment to be in effect.
  • Healthcare for family members is located on Caserma Ederle.
  • If you need to go to the ER, you can go anywhere.
  • San Bortolo is the Italian hospital in Vicenza. There is a military liaison at the hospital.
  • There is a medical bus that travels to Germany twice a week. If extra room is available it can also be used as a free way to get to Germany. You must sign up on the wait list.
  • There is also a bus that goes to Aviano AFB once a week.

Dental Care

  • Dental Care on base is primarily for active duty Soldiers, but others may be served on a space-available basis. You should try to schedule an appointment 5 days out.
  • If you do not have a military dental record you should stop by the dental clinic to make a folder.
  • It is highly encouraged to have dental insurance, because the dental clinic is primarily for active duty
  • Patients can ask at the Dental Clinic for a list of Italian providers who speak English.
  • Tricare Dental did not need to be notified of my move overseas.

Phone, Internet, and TV

  • Once you arrive, you can establish phone, internet, and TV service.
  • Visit the Wind store in the Px to get an Italian SIM card
  • Once you sign your lease you can sign up for internet services

Central Issuing Facility

  • The sponsor will need to go to the central issuing facility to receive their military gear. A shuttle is available from post.

Army Community Services

  • Sign up for Benvenuti (a free 3 day class to introduce spouses of soldiers and DoD civilians to Italy)
    • Offered once a month and it fills up fast!
    • If the class is filled when you go to sign up, you will write down your name and e-mail address on a wait list. They will e-mail everyone already signed up for the class a week before to confirm their attendance. If there are not enough confirmed attendees, they will start contacting people on the wait list.
  • Provides access to lending closets (kitchen essentials)
  • Sign of for classes (language, cooking)
  • Employment and volunteer opportunities
  • Travel and recreation resources

Visit Outdoor Recreation

  • Get a price list for rental equipment like bicycles
  • They also have brochures for all of the ODR trips and events
  • They have instructions for using the train and bus systems
  • They also have information on hiking trails and other things to do in the area


  • Set up an local bank (BNL, community, Global) account if you are living on the economy.
    • In order to set up an Italian bank (BNL) account your sponsor will need an Italian social security card or codice fiscale, which will be applied for through housing.

Veterinary Clinic

  • Register pets at the Veterinary Clinic
  • Obtain a Pet Passport for travel within Europe

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