Vehicle Registration, Inspection, and Gas Coupons

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Vehicle Registration

  • Vehicles of all US/NATO personnel assigned to Italy must be registered with Armed Forces Italy (AFI) license plates.
  • The vehicle registration office is located off the main post. A shuttle bus is available to bring you to and from the satellite office.

Registrations Steps

Once you receive notice that your car has arrived at the VPC you will need to:

  1. Visit the registration office to get your new Italian license plate number and fill out a registration form
  2. Call your car insurance company and give them the new license plate number so that they can overnight mail your insurance card for attaching to the windshield.
  3. Pick up your insurance card at the facility (Pentagon Car Sales) outside of Chapel Gate
  4. Obtain brackets for mounting European license plates to the vehicle from the Auto Skills Center. They are free! (The Auto Skills Center does not open until mid-day)
  5. Go back to the registration office to complete the registration process (see below)
  • To register your vehicle you will need:
    1. Military/Civilian ID Card
    2. AFI Driver’s License (SETAF license)
    3. Stateside Driver’s License
    4. Proof of Eligibility (PCS Orders or Logistical Support Letter)
    5. Original Title and/or Last Registration Documents
    6. Proof of insurance (with Italian License plate number on it) picked up at Pentagon Car Sales
    7. $20 (Administrative Fee)
    8. €5 (euros) or $10 (Initial Registration Fee)
    9. Additional money in Euros for road tax if you are registering a second vehicle. Cost is dependent upon engine size.
    10. Other documents are required based on whether you purchased the vehicle in Italy from an Italian individual/business or from a person stationed at USAG Vicenza, or had it shipped from the United States or brought it from another location in Europe.
      • Shipping Document if shipped from U.S.
    11. Power of Attorney from Sponsor, if not accompanied by Sponsor.

Vehicle Inspection

Mandatory Vehicle Safety Equipment

  1. Your vehicle must be inspected on base in order to be eligible to purchase coupons for gasoline at a tax-free rate at the PX. The vehicle must be pass inspection every year.
  2. Before going to the inspection point, be sure:
    1. Your vehicle is in good working order
    2. You have proof of insurance and registration, SETAF driver’s license, and military ID
    3. You have a first aid kit, warning triangle, flashlight and reflective vest in the vehicle
    4. You have license plates installed
    5. You remove any old installation access stickers or other markings that identify the vehicle as belonging to a member of the U.S. Forces.
Mandatory Vehicle Safety Equipment

Mandatory Vehicle Safety Equipment

  • The inspectors will check that your vehicle is safe for the road. This is required by Italian law and USAG Vicenza requirements.
  • The inspectors will ask you to exit your car so they can drive it into the inspection facility. You will wait inside the office while they inspect the car.
  • Once you pass the inspection they will give you a form to return to the registration office in order to get your gas card.

The most common reasons for inspection failure:

  • Lights out of adjustment or not functioning
  • Tires worn excessively
  • Exhaust leaks or mountings loose
  • Braking uneven or worn pads.
  • Suspension parts worn, unserviceable, rotted and boots cracked, steering arms loose at the ends, boots torn and worn.
  • Body and frame parts missing, worn or in-operative.
  • Parking brakes not holding vehicles or worn.
  • First aid kits missing, warning triangles missing, reflective vests missing.
  • Windshield cracked
  • General leaks of steering pumps, engines, and transmissions

Gas Coupons

  • After registering the vehicle and passing inspection you must go back to the registration office with your “passed” inspection form to receive a gas card authorizing the purchase fuel coupons. Take the gas card to the Post Exchange Customer Service Area to purchase coupons. The PX will keep your gas card on file in order to keep track of your fuel coupon purchases. From then on all you will need is a military ID to purchase fuel coupons.
  • Where are gas coupons accepted? Certain Eni/Agip gas stations accept NATO fuel coupons. The gas station right before you enter the main gate of Caserma Ederle accepts them, as well as the gas station near Chapel Gate. You may also be able search Eni/Agip for a station that accepts fuel coupons, although I’m not sure if these include NATO fuel coupons.
  • Tax-free fuel is rationed, based on the engine size of your vehicle. A vehicle with an engine size of 1.3 to 2.5 liters is authorized 300 liters (79.25 gallons) of fuel per month. A vehicle with an engine size of over 2.5 liters is authorized 400 liters (105.6 gallons) per month.
  • Effective February 1, 2009, the price of a 100-liter coupon book (26.4 gallons) of unleaded gasoline is $76.00, approximately $2.87 per gallon, and the price of a 100-liter coupon book of diesel is $86.00, approximately $3.25 per gallon. The cost of gas fluctuates, and prices are subject to change.
  • Unleaded gasoline costs on average 1.12 Euro per liter on the local economy in the Vicenza area, which is about $5.59 per gallon at current exchange rates.

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