Documents to Carry with You: PCS Overseas

Helpful Pages

Arrival in Italy – Documents to Hand Carry
What to Hand Carry When You Move


  • Make sure names are spelled correctly on all documents
  • Carry important documents in a zip up accordion folder
  • Store virtual documents on your computer
  • Back up important files on a flash drive, external hard drive or even print hard copies of select documents.

Important Documents


  • Keep your original set of orders with you at all times as well as any amendments
  • Make ten (10) copies of your orders

Military Documents

  • Leave Form – DA 31
  • Previous Duty Assignment Clearance Document
  • CIF Clearance Document from previous duty station’s CIF
  • Military Personnel File – (MPRJ) 201
  • Training Records
  • Soldier Readiness Folder
  • AIT or Airborne Certificate
  • Enlistment/Re-Enlistment Bonus contract

Identification for Each Family Member

  • Military ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Official Government Passports and Visas
  • Tourist Passports
  • Birth, Marriage, and Naturalization certificates

Pet Information

  • Valid Veterinary Health Certificate
  • Valid Rabies Vaccination Certificate signed in blue ink.
  • Up to date medical records
  • Photo of your pet

Vehicle Documentation

  • Privately Owned Vehicle Shipping Documents
  • Title or Lease information
  • Proof of vehicle inspection, registration, and insurance
  • International Driver’s Permit

Financial Information

  • Personal checks, hard copies of recent bank statements, credit and debit cards
  • Finance Folder (if issued)
  • Receipts (moving supplies, gas, food, hotels)

Housing Information

  • Household good shipping documents – inventory, contact phone numbers
  • Lease or mortgage paperwork.

Legal Documents

  • Divorce or annulment paperwork from a previous marriage
  • Wills, custody or adoption paperwork
  • Powers of Attorney

Medical and Dental Records

  • Previous medical and dental records should be submitted to new physicians and dentists
  • Vaccination records for school registration and employment.

School or Employment Records

  • Transcripts, report cards or grade sheets that your children may need for school registration.
  • Transcripts, a current resume and letters of recommendation for employment
  • Contacts for new employers and schools on hand.

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