Command Sponsorship/EFMP Screening

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What is Command Sponsorship?

What is Command Sponsorship?

  • When a soldier receives orders to move overseas it will either say “accompanied” (with dependents) or “unaccompanied” (without dependents).
  • If the orders do not list the family member’s names, then the soldier is on an unaccompanied tour. In this case the soldier’s new command must approve Command Sponsorship to be eligible for a fully funded move overseas.
  • Non-Command Sponsored dependents (unless they are EU citizens) are treated by Italy as tourists, limited to 90 days in country with very little support authorized from the US Army.

What Command Sponsorship Provides

  • Housing Eligibility
  • Travel: funded travel for all family members, otherwise family member would have to pay for travel expenses. If command sponsorship is approved before the soldier arrives in Europe, then family members may be able to travel with the soldier
  • Household Goods Shipment: Accompanied soldiers will have a greater weight allowance than unaccompanied.
  • Temporary Lodging Allowance: funding provided for lodging while searching for a house
  • Visas: command sponsorship guarantees SOFA status for immigrant residency. Without sponsorship you would have to use a tourist passport and receive permission from the host country for residency.
  • Employment: On-post employment is only offered to command sponsored dependents
  • Post Facilities: commissary, gym, post exchange, DFMWR, medical, and dental clinics
  • Schools: Dependent children must be command sponsored to attend DoDDs schools. Non-command sponsored children may attend DoDDS on a space available basis.

Required Health Screenings for Command Sponsorship

How Does a Soldier Apply for Command Sponsorship?

  • Soldiers that arrive unaccompanied to Italy must coordinate with their Unit/ Battalion S1 or their Installation Military Personnel Division for information on submitting request for Command Sponsorship. Soldiers assigned OCONUS who are approved for Command Sponsorship must complete a 36 month accompanied tour or have 12 months remaining from date Command Sponsorship was approved.
  • The following documents are required in the Command sponsorship packet:
  • DA FORM 4187: This document is the actual request for Command Sponsorship and must be signed by the requesting Soldier and the Commander approving the Command Sponsorship.
  • Enlisted Record Brief (ERB): This document will be provided by the Soldiers’ S1 Section.
  • DA FORM 5888 (Family Medical Screening): This is one of the most crucial documents for Command Sponsorship approval.
  • Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificates for all family members: notarized copies. Copies can be notarized at the Legal Center or by the Unit S1.
  • Proof of Custody Court Documents (As required): Minor dependents must reside with the Soldier a minimum of six months per year.
  • PCS Orders for Assignment

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