Relocation Allowances: PCS Overseas

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Relocation Allowances

***Keep all of your receipts!***

Per Diem Rates (Lodging & Meals)

  • Per Diem rates provide reimbursement for meals and lodging during travel to a new duty station.
  • The number of travel days is based on a standard 350 miles per day. To determine the number of days per diem, take the Official Government Mileage between duty stations and divide by 350.
  • Calculate Per Diem Rates
  • Per Diem is also given for meals is also given for driving your vehicle to the vehicle processing center. You will need to show the order form/receipt from the VPC showing the date you dropped off the vehicle.

Temporary Lodging Allowance

  •  Temporary Lodging Allowance – is meant to partially offset the more than normal cost of temporary lodging and meals while you wait for permanent housing OCONUS.
  • Only 30 days of TLA are initially authorized when arriving at a new duty station. However, with proper authorization you can be given a 30 day extension for a maximum of 60 days. There is a ten-day maximum when leavingTLA must be validated every 10 days you are staying in the hotel.
  • Computing Temporary Lodging Allowance based on pay grade, # of family members, actual quarters cost, the availability of cooking facilities, and local per diem rate.
  • Steps for Claiming TLA (Off Post Hotel)

    1. If you are staying at an off base hotel due to the on post inn being booked, you will need to get a statement/certificate of non-availability from the on post Inn shortly after arrival. It needs to be dated for the day you arrived in Italy. You will do this again for the next 10 day period, but this time it will be dated for the beginning of that 10 day period. Ex. You arrive in Italy on October 1st, therefore your 10 days are up on October 10th. Your next certificate of non-availability will be dated for October 11th.
      • I’m not sure is actually enforced, however the TLA policy states that a statement/certificate of non-availability will not be issued due to non-availability of a pet room. We had no problem getting one, despite my husband mentioning several times to finance and the Inn that we couldn’t stay at the inn on post due to lack of pet rooms… but I would play it safe and avoid mentioning it.
    2. Then you ask the off post hotel you are staying at for a bill for 10 days. You can either pay the bill right then or pay it later after it has been approved by finance. The latter may be a more secure option, but the first has less steps involved. Finance gave us the option of paying with the government travel card or paying with our own credit card. We chose to use our own credit card for the reward points.
    3. Bring the bill and the certificate of non-availability to the housing office. They will give you a TLA claim form to submit to finance which states that you are actively seeking housing.
    4. Bring all three forms to finance for them to submit your claim for TLA.
    5. If you did not already pay for the hotel when you first got the bill, you must return again to finance with the receipt from the hotel once you have paid the bill otherwise you will not be reimbursed.
    6. You must repeat these steps every 10 days. If the 10th day falls on a weekend or a holiday then you should accomplish all of this one business day before the weekend or holiday.
  • Steps For Claiming TLA (on post inn)
    1. Every 10 days you will need to go to housing to obtain a TLA claim form, which states that you are actively seeking housing.
    2. You will then bring the TLA claim form back to the on post inn by the end of each 10 day period.

Temporary Lodging Expenses

  • Temporary lodging expense – Similar to TLA, but only given when lodging is in CONUS.
  • It is available for up to ten days during a CONUS to CONUS move.
  • It is available for up to five days during the CONUS portion of a CONUS to OCONUS move.
  • A form for reimbursement will be given during the finance brief for in processing. You will need to provide proof/receipts for staying at the hotel.
  • TLE can also be claimed for “meals” if you stay with a friend or family member instead of a hotel.
    • During the finance brief for in processing you will be given a form to fill out giving the dates you stayed there and stating that you ate meals.

Monetary Allowance in Lieu of Transportation

  • MALT, also known as “mileage”,  is paid when you or your family drive to the new duty station.
  • Current Mileage Rates
  • MALT will be given for driving your vehicle to the vehicle processing center and you must have the receipt from the VPC giving the date you dropped off the vehicle.

Dislocation Allowance

  • Helps with miscellaneous moving costs (cleaning, repairs) and is paid one time per PCS move.
  • DLA is not paid if the member is unaccompanied and assigned to government quarters.

Family Separation Allowance

  • This is paid when a family member cannot live at or near the permanent duty station.
  • This can happen when transportation is not authorized, housing is not available, duty is aboard a ship or the family member cannot move due to a medical condition.

Cost of Living Allowance

  • Overseas Cost of Living Allowance is Intended to offset the higher overseas prices of goods and services, so that the service member has the same purchasing power overseas as they would stationed in CONUS
  • COLA is not a fixed amount. COLA will be adjusted (immediately or incrementally) based on currency or data. COLA is added to base pay on each paycheck.
  • Overseas COLA Calculator Based on location, rank, years of service and number of dependents


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