Pick Up and Delivery: PCS Move Overseas

Helpful Pages

Personal Property Counseling/Transportation Brief

  • A DOD requirement for moving personal property
  • It will help you understand your government entitlements and review your responsibilities.
  • Briefs are traditionally conducted at the Transportation Office on your installation; however most service members can complete this task online at http://www.move.mil/.
  • In some cases you will need to visit the Transportation Office in person— for example, your first move.
  • To find out if you can use the DPS website for personal property counseling, visit the Accessing DPS page or contact your installation’s Transportation Office.

Using Move.mil
You will use http://www.move.mil/ to initiate, process, manage your shipment, request delivery, file a claim, and complete your customer satisfaction survey

  1. Register for a DPS account by following the “DoD Service Member and Civilian Registration” link
  2. Create a profile and provide a reliable and accessible e-mail address for checking moving updates. Note: government email addresses and the DPS website may be difficult to access when not on base
  3. You will answer a series of questions, complete the self-counseling, and forward the required documents.
  4. Once you enter your shipment in DPS, the shipment application is forwarded to the nearest Transportation Office for verification.
  5. The transportation office will then send your shipment information to the moving company or transportation service provider (TSP) for booking. You will receive an e-mail with the name and contact information for your TSP.
  6. There must be 10 days between signing your finalized documents and the first available date for pick-up. You should expect one day of packing for every 4,000 pounds of estimated weight.
  7. In most cases, the actual pack, pick-up, and delivery dates will be negotiated directly between you and TSP during the pre-move survey. You must be available from 8:00am – 5:00pm on the dates of packing and loading
  8. Do not assume the TSP will show up on the dates you requested in the pre-move survey. If you haven’t heard from your TSP two weeks before your scheduled pack date, be sure to contact the Transportation Office on your installation.

Pick Up

  • The DPS website will send an e-mail confirming the dates of pick up for each shipment
  • For unaccompanied baggage you will likely receive a phone call from the the TSP to do an over the phone survey of what you will be sending.
  • For household goods you will receive a phone call to set up an in home survey of what you will be sending.
  • The TSP should give you a phone call on moving day to let you know they are on their way.


  • Check in at your destination transportation office upon arrival to facilitate clearance of the shipment.
  • Do not set up delivery on the day you are closing on a residence or having any type of work done.
  • You are entitled to have the movers unpack and reassemble items upon arrival. They are only required to reassemble items that were disassembled by the TSP at origin. Make sure you have “one time placement” of items planned prior to arrival.
  • Annotate any damages that occur to the property or household goods during move in.
  • You are required to report all loss and damage to the TSP within 75 days from the date of delivery

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